Restore: Donate, Used Furniture, Cabinets, Lighting, Sinks and more

ReStore = Donate + Shop + Volunteer

1617 1st Ave. N, Billings MT, 59101 | 406-256-0409

Hours: 9am – 5:30pm Monday thru Friday | 9am – 3pm Saturday

We turn your donations of new and gently used home improvement and building materials into homes!


What do we have for you to buy?

Lumber * Molding * Doors * Windows * Appliances * Cabinets * Hardware * Sinks * Electrical/Lighting

Drywall * Plumbing * Latex Paint * Carpet/Vinyl/Laminate * Vinyl Siding* Tile



Habitat launched the Habitat ReStore blog on Earth Day this year, and so far it has been a huge success, reaching thousands of people in the first month. Our posts range from do-it-yourself ideas and home improvement projects to green living tips and reuse possibilities, and we’re a resource for those looking for inspiration or for those just looking for tips on how to live a little greener.


ReStore Features Items

July 2014: Simply because our shoppers are thrifty people does not mean that the the ReStore is a thrift store. The ReStore is a home improvement and building materials resale store. We are very particular about the merchandise we sell to the public. We sell only new and gently-used merchandise, being careful to offer you a great or unique product at phenomenal prices.

Take for instance these items, some pictured below.

A Double Pedestal executive office desk with fine wood inlay, leaded beveled glass doors on the front side, and glass top. This desk retailed for $3000. We are selling it for $485. You won’t find a desk like this in a thrift store.

Pulaski furniture was established in 1955 and is an industry leader because of their commitment to quality. We have a near-new Puluski China Hutch that retailed for $2,700. You will only find this sort of quality at the ReStore… for $475!

In 1980, the Singer Sewing Machine Co. hoped that grandparents would find its Doll House Bedroom Furniture Collection irresistible. This Desk and Hutch are super rare and full of whimsy and quality. This gently-used piece is not shown justly in a photo. It must be examined in person. It cost the original buyer $1300. We dare you to find one at all, and if you do it won’t cost you less than $600 unless you buy it here for $400

An All-American! Link Taylor of Lexington, North Carolina built this chest-on-chest of native maple. You simply can’t find this sort of All-American craftsmanship today. This is a perfect piece and originally cost a buyer $1800. We may be off our rocker, but we are asking $185!

So if you are a thrifty shopper looking for home improvement and building materials, come to the home improvement and building materials resale store; the ReStore.


ReStore General Manager

ReStore General Manager


We are a home improvement products and building material re-sale store that raises money to help fund home construction for low-income families in Yellowstone County, Montana.

We receive donations of new and used home improvement products and building materials from individuals who are remodeling, contractors who have leftover items and businesses that have unwanted or returned items they can’t use. We sell these items at a fraction of the “new” price.

Our store helps homeowners fix up their houses at a price that is affordable. ReStores also keep tons of items out of the landfill. There are hundreds of Habitat for Humanity ReStores all over the world. Now Billings has one of its very own to help you in your construction needs.